Welcome to THE WHITE BUCK.

The White Buck is an independent venture fueled by an online distribution, a brand office and dedicated executives.

We are here to redefine your style! From best quality yarns, to the finished product, we believe in crafting and developing change and empower adaptability.

The majority of our cotton is knitted locally and grown sustainably. We ship our orders in eco friendly packaging and everyday we strive to reduce environmental harm.

Founded in the lively city of Ahmedabad,we have come a long way selling our apparel to the retail stores in a few states of India, to selling on online platforms like social media, Amazon and our website. 

The idea that drove us to start up The White Buck premium apparel is the need of having daily and occasional wear outfits to be a combination of soft and comfortable fabric, well designed, stylized, proper fitted and skin friendly garment. Few unique styles of dresses in women's clothing are a rare availability in India with a budget suitable price and suitable for day to day wear.